More people info introduced to Bing Search autosuggest feature

With auto-suggestion feature arriving in Bing Search few days back, the search engine division of Microsoft has announced its first tweaking to the newly added feature. Bing Search, when searched for people in it, will provide information about the person in the drop down with search suggestion. The feature is a part of Bing’s Snapshot pane, which it launched last year.

People searches are the second most searched category after navigational queries and Bing’s lead project manager for its Query Formulation UX,Dan Marantz states that people queries cover up only 10 percent of of the over all queries being made in the search engine. So Bing has formulated better searching for users which the company states as ‘another way to find people faster and directly from the search box.’ Dan further said that “In the milliseconds between keystrokes, Bing lets you narrow down your search by clicking on the correct person. If Bing has information on a person, we let you know by displaying it below the search box. In some instances, multiple people share the same name. When this happens, we’ll provide information for the most relevant people with that name, and help you narrow down your search.

The new auto suggest feature has been co-developed by the Search Technology Center situated in London and Bing is on the verge of launching the new feature soon.


Source: WebProNews

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