Modifying AdSense code no longer available on Google pages, site users worried

Google has finally cleared that it will bar users from editing AdSense code on Google sites. This means that site users will be able to continue with the existing ads in those webpages as well as generate revenue, however, they can no longer modify the code. Although there was a speculation that it will bring down AdSense from all Google sites starting August 30 but later the company cleared the doubts with an official blog post.

modifying-adsense-code-no-longer-available-on-google-pages-site-users-worriedAlthough the reason behind implementing the same is not yet cleared, it has been well received for those who were concerned about Google ranking Google sites with Google ads in them. Google has explained the same in its help center page which says, "Starting August 30th 2013, it will no longer be possible to modify AdSense ad code on Google Sites pages. However, any ads you’ve previously placed on Google Sites will continue to show, and you’ll be credited for all valid earnings. No change is required on the part of AdSense users. Any ads that you currently have running will not be altered or removed, though you’ll be free to delete ads yourself. However, it will no longer be possible to edit or add new AdSense ads to your existing Google Sites site or to new pages. Please be assured that this update will not affect the standing of your AdSense account or ability to show ads on any other websites you own. If you’d like to show ads on other websites, simply log in to your AdSense account at to generate new ad code at any time."

Google continues to implement changes to its host of services along with AdSense to make it better for users and site administrators.

Source: WebProNews

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