Millions of customers disrupted as Microsoft Google suffer outages

seo services IndiaRecently the cloud computing services affected with the outages to both Microsoft and Google.
On September 7 the day Wednesday Google Docs actually disappeared for approx 1 hour where on the other hand hot mail, sky drive and office 365 were offline for around 3 hour, which caused the millions of users who specifically rely on this service on daily basis.

The unbelievable incident occurred around 5am (mainland Europe, 8PM in Seattle on September 8). The causes were primarily experienced by users in the Asia-Pacific region. As time went by, European users added to those who required connecting and added their voice to the clamour asking what was going on.

Certainly, as DNS wasn’t functioning it was unfeasible to acquire status updates from the Microsoft service dashboard so the info void had to be packed by Twitter updates from the official Office365 account. We consequently aphorism the most excellent and the nastiest of the Internet – some web services from some vendors (such as Twitter) were obtainable while others were not.

"Every time a Google Doc is modified, a machine looks up the servers that need to be updated. Due to the memory management bug, the lookup machines didn’t recycle their memory properly after each lookup, causing them to eventually run out of memory and restart. While they restarted, their load was picked up by the remaining lookup machines—making them run out of memory even faster," said Google Engineering Director Alan Warren.

The occurrence dyed the lack of offline entrance for Google Docs, incredible that Google is efficiently working on to present. In Advance, the Google team appears to have been pretty resourceful at getting the service back online in a short time.

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