Microsoft to go off from Search results, Google saves the day


In a bizarre incident, Microsoft has asked Google to remove its own official webpage from search results. The incident happened after a routine check made by Microsoft where in most of the copyright holders check if any copyright material containing links exist in Google’s search engine. Although Google dint commit it, but it is surprising to see Microsoft’s blooper such way on the verge of its long-standing rivalry.
According to sources, the request was made by LeakID, a company working on behalf of Microsoft which included taking down links of Microsoft store, support pages and product descriptions from the search results.Although this is not the first time for the operating system giant as Microsoft has earlier sent takedown requests accusing credible and original websites of copyright infringements. Since most of the companies rely on automated process for take down requests, such reports are often erroneous. Its absurd that Microsoft even went ahead with a take down request for its own sites, Spotify and Bing.
Blacklisted websites are likely to disappear once takedown request is approved by Google and the astonishing fact is that last month itself Google received 13,829,857 DMCA requests from 1924 reporting organizations and Microsoft has made it to the top notch positions.

Source: Google

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