Microsoft Teamed up with Mozilla to release Firefox with Bing

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On Wednesday 26th Oct the team of Microsoft announced that they have signed a deal with Mozilla and apparently have associated with each other to produce a flavor of their browser with Bing as the default search provider.

Let’s go through the announcement revealed by the Bing Team:

So today we’re teaming with Mozilla to release Firefox with Bing, a version of the popular Web browser that includes default search settings for Bing. Now Firefox users who are Bing enthusiasts can use Firefox with Bing to use the Web the way they want without having to take extra steps to navigate or customize their settings to Bing.

Firefox with Bing offers the latest version of Firefox with Bing set as your home page and the default setting in the search box and AwesomeBar (where you can also type in queries as well as Web addresses). If you already have the latest version of Firefox, then you just need to download the Bing Search for Firefox Add-on to set the same preferences.

If you want to use this Flavour browser you can download it over at