Microsoft Rejects Chinese language Censorship for Bing Search Engine

imagesMicrosoft denied censoring Chinese-language search results across the Globe, but the group behind the allegation stood firm.

Microsoft’s senior director of Bing Search Engine Stefan Weitz said in a blog post spoke on political censorship “We can certainly confirm that they are not” On the other hand Bing search results beyond China are not seemed in order to any changes in regards to Chinese law.

An US-based Technology Titan opposed against the consequences of censorship on a Chinese "removal notification" unwittingly shown in a result to the people who are using a Bing People’s Republic of China version outside of that country. The particular message was appeared for Bing results abolished for non-political reasons, like barred images of abuse or spam, according to Microsoft.

According to New York Times, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, VOA and the BBC
“The first page of search results regarding the same Chinese-language search through Google and managed across the Nation involves the links to pages in Chinese from Wikipedia”

Meanwhile, a Chinese-language Bing search for "Freeweibo", an opponent-censorship tool developed by, also showing different results, with the “Freeweibo” website erased from the search result pages.

Greatfire said “This controversial story shines a negative impact on both Microsoft and China”
At the same time, this is an immense opportunity For Microsoft to take a right and appropriate step and stand up to Chinese censorship now.

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