Microsoft jazz up Bing, comes up with a refreshed look


Bing has made made to the news again and this time its even better. Microsoft has revamped its much sought after search engine Bing with a few new as well as renovated features on its home page, the company stated. Social search options, ‘page zero’ tool and adaptability across all mobility devices are among the newly incorporated features in the search engine.

In a noble effort to jazz up the search engine as well as making it more competitive with other search engine giants in the eco system, Bing also unveiled its brand new logo along with a host of other features. The logo, written in golden orange, is the first time for Bing to get a all-new logo since its inception in world wide web. As noted by Scott Ericsson, senior director for Bing brand, "It is designed to ‘instantly feel at home alongside all Microsoft products’, reflecting the growing presence of Bing across Microsoft’s various devices and services." One of the most applaud able design updates include a combined region on the right hand side of the search engine results page that displays related content from both social networks and entity entries about people, places and things. Another feature,dubbed as Page Zero, will help users in filtering out results that does not make much of importance. The new features are also fetching in positive reviews from critics across the web which is definitely a good sign for Bing.
Rated as the second most popular search engine after Google, Bing has been able to grab a good number of users with a descent bite of 17 percent share which is in fact minute when compared with Google’s massive 70 percent. Hopefully, the revamped Bing search will definitely attract new users to its search engine in days to come.

Source: Google News

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