Microsoft adds up new features to Bing Webmaster Tools


seo company IndiaMicrosoft has enhanced the tools it supplies for webmasters to track their sites’ visibility on Bing search engine results, so that they can build any essential modifications to get better how Bing crawl their content and ranks their pages.

in the middle of the new features are the ability to govern how rapidly the Bing crawler indexes a site at dissimilar times of the day, which lets webmasters slow down the crawling activity at climax traffic hours, so that Bing doesn’t put extra pressure on the Web servers. This can be set by regulating the crawl rates on a graph, Bing said on Wednesday.

A part from this Microsoft also did a "complete rewrite" of Index Explorer, tools which demonstrate webmasters how Bing has indexed their sites, by energizing its data more swiftly, improving its performance and making it more protractible, the company said.

Furthermore, webmasters now will permit other colleagues to contact their site’s Bing Webmaster Tools account, and allocate them diverse privileges, such as read-only, read-write and full administrator contact.

Microsoft is also beefing up its webmaster documentation, posting "detailed" self-help guides and how-to documents, the company said.

The Bing Webmaster Tools are often designed to allow webmasters do SEO (search engine optimization) by tracking how Bing crawl and indexes their sites and by watching the rate at which end users click throughout to their pages from Bing results for diverse question terms.

Google too provides webmasters similar tools, and Tuesday it proclaimed it has started incorporating that SEO data inside its Analytics application, which tracks users’ activities within a website.

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