Matt Cutts: Looking for Patterns and New Spam Fighter Algorithm


Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam published a longer video yesterday; it’s about eight in order to answer towards what it is just to fight Webspam at Google?


The questions have been raised by Brian Harnish of Westminster, California:

What is daily within the lifetime of a search spam team member like? What’s the evolution of alternatives in terms of however they decide that aspects of the search formula to update? Can sure things inside the Algorithm that likely not to vary frequently and more it’s never be thought-about for removal?

Matt Cutts elaborates that the best way towards the spam fighters search for structure and trends and try to evaluate the facts “what could be the loophole they are exploiting” Then the engineer would likely to be working upon an Algorithm to disclose and cover up the loophole.

Matt explains in his words how the Engineers work, he makes it sound like an art. Whereas an Engineer is not just looking for trample the loophole but creatively keep their eyes for the ways in order to catch the spam at a deeper level.

People can try to spam always, as Matt has said earlier – hence there is several of work and moreover, job security. Meanwhile, the Engineers can work on somewhat like anything, from existing Algorithms to new ones, to modify old Algorithms quicker, better and more reliable, to make a new Algorithms for new problems.

He also added that, “You don’t even like to include a mole with a spammer” rather than find way to plug a hole.

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