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If you are website owner and your intention is for well purpose and like to rank well your site on Google Search Engine then you need to very concern with spamming factor. The matter is if you are optimizing your site whether yourself or by the SEO team just avoid the spamming games of creating backlinks. Even you think you are good regarding to the site content or other relevance information however Google track your site with doing spam, consequences can be disastrous for the site on search result page. You may think your site has well enough content and informative even your site out of rank. The answer is yes, possibly if your site has spamming links.

Day before yesterday Matt Cutts answered after one year in order to Daniel’s question from Miami.

The question was:



Matt Cutts says in his video “Can a site does rank well without spammy techniques?”

In other word you can say, when the matter comes with spam then how one can say they are good guy, certainly they are not considered as good guy if the matter comes on Google’s Search Results.

He says Google webmaster team and search quality team find spam on your site they can’t consider that you are good guy. The site owners certainly can be good people but if they spam it’s not good at all for ranking of the site.

Matt says the good guys certainly don’t create spam and their site can rank well and do as well. But if there is spam it’s too bad for site rank, because Google blocks the more and more spam.

Below you can see the video

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