Matt Cutts Claim “Guest Blogging Is Dead” – Keep Writing Quality Content.

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Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam, created havoc in the SEO community yesterday while he disclosed a blog post in his personal blog claiming guest blogging for SEO aspiration is dead.

In this post, Cutts elaborated a journey of Guest Blogging has placed from being a descent source of high-quality content to now occupy with spam.

Guest blogging has become just too spammy now days, Matt Cutts added in his blog, he is not in favor of preferring the way for posting a Guest Blog post even you is desired to certify for anyone personally or acknowledged them well.

This statement of Cutts spread out over the Web; there many SEO bloggers on their own blogs to attempt their take on the collapse of Guest blogging.

Over the much discussion on this situation, we can well conclude that we have to get the overview of our Industry feedback, considering the facts from the selection of specific SEO bloggers.

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