Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook in Approach To Compete Directly Against Google As A Search Engine.


Behalf on the recent news from the resources, Facebook wants to grow its own business over the network but most surprising fact is that said the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, in upcoming days Facebook will directly compete the Google in order to dominance of search Industry. He rose out three facts there regarding the company that has been gotten a short attention in Media long ago.

Following are the factors as Zuckerberg added:

1. Facebook has a larger data of "index" rather than other Search Engine.

2. Its artificial brilliance team is on the way to create that data available through Graph Search, Facebook’s Search Engine.

3. They are also likely towards to develop and to provide the services which can be used on the Mobile Devices, so the people can be able to solve their query on just one ask to Facebook using Voice Recognition on  their phones.

At the same time he said it’s likely to get Ten years for this effort.

This perception emerged while Zuckerberg was questioning over the Graph Search that is a bit of clumsy in order to use. The major different between Graph Search on Google Search and Facebook is that, he said Google likely return you the particular result in order to a particular keywords, on the other hand Graph Search is basically determine to help the people find their answers in order to their query, but somewhat the answer isn’t fixed yet, such as, “what are you looking for, favorite hotels?”

Following are some more detailed information accordingly what Zuckerberg said:

We are observing the facts in such a way for this, we are having more than enough content that have been shared by the people over Facebook that simply sufficient in order to building the fundamental structure to index all to get a start ranking it is a result upon the efforts of so many years, for that we are looking up to develop our way through.

At the same time, if we look on our strategy, there is a three-year strategy, a five-year strategy, and a Ten-year strategy. If we talk about three-year strategy is all about creating the new kinds of experiences for sharing. While five-year plan is basically about to help the people use for their network to answer interesting questions or solve problems for what they are looking for.

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