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With great power comes greater responsibility and this has been shown by the tech giant, Google. With the recent technological advance, the search engine jargon has shown its true colors on its ability to make better and helpful apps and one of such products is the company’s own cloud storage service, Google Drive. Launched in 2012 replacing the age old Google Doc, the premium service from Google has attained mass appreciation from users around the world. This time Google has tweaked Drive with yet another feature. The search engine now suggests users about search results that could be linked to their document when created or edited in Google Drive.

linking-search-results-while-creating-docs-in-google-drive-possible-now-onAlthough the feature to link was already existent, Google has added the power of suggestion to users. The post was made out in a company blog, which said “You can hyperlink text in Docs and Slides when you want to attach related information to a word or sentence — for example, when writing a paper on Athens, you can highlight “Acropolis” and link it to a Google search result, a specific website, a heading or bookmark in your document, or even another file in Drive. Starting today, the link tool now offers you suggestions based on the text you are hyperlinking just in case you don’t have the URL you need offhand.  To try it out, select the text you want and click the “Insert link” icon from the menu bar (or use Ctrl K).

The top most results which appears in organic search results page are displayed in the mini search bar which pops up when user tries to link any URL to the keyword. The feature is definitely a premium add on to Google Drive.

Source: Google News

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