Killer Google to diminish 3 Ad tools, adds functionality to Display Planner


Google has announced that it will compile its Contextual Targeting Tool, Placement Tool and Google Ad Planner into its new platform named Google Display Planner. Launched back in April, the new platform is Google’s research and planning tool for Ads. Google has stated the defunct tools will be kept as Google’s standalone products in future.

Google Display Network product manager Max Cohen has stated that “All the functionality you’re used to is now part of Display Planner — and with all the tools in one place, everything’s easier. Display Planner is built into AdWords, so with one click you can add all the keywords, placements, or other targeting ideas you choose directly into your campaigns.” The Contextual Targeting Tool and Placement Tool will be brought offline in the coming days where as Ad Planner has been planned to be put off by next month. Google has already started sending requests to its users to export the existing media plans within the next week. It is to be noted that the new tool which Google has designed will help users to download and share ad plans more easily.

Google has been revamping its products and the company also launched a new benchmarking feature for Adsense recently.

Source: Google News

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