Its 15th Birthday for Google ! Check out the celebration doodle


Google has finally stepped into its third teen year. Yes ! The search engine giant that has been monopolizing the web since 1998 has completed its 15th year. Google, a intern project taken by two dot com enthusiasts, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, at the Stanford University has been the biggest of innovations ever created over the internet fraternity and eventually it changed the face of entire world wide web for ever.

Although Google has been celebrating its anniversary day on September 7th till 2005 but the tech company moved to 27th of the same month because of its convenience as well as to mark the day when its search engine bots indexed the highest number of webpages since its incorporation. The incorporation day confusion is a consistent incident for Google as it has been mentioned as September 7,1998 as its day of incorporation on its corporate history page although the dates are now being changed to 4th. Never-the-less, Google continues to show its dynamicity in technology with the search engine launching a wonderful doodle in its search page. The doodle is based on the famous Maxican birthday game, Pinata. Pinata, a decorated container usually made of cloth and filled with candy or soft toys, has been placed on which a user gets to hit up to a maximum of 10 times. All letters constituting Google has been put as guests to Google’s party in the doodle.

Google’s birthdays has been celebrated with some awesome doodle compositions by the company since 2011. Definitely the search engine Jargon deserves a huge round of applause from the entire billion internet users around the world  for making internet such an exciting place. Happy Birthday Google !


Source: Google News

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