Is Google panda arriving with its update?

Google panda update 2012In my last post I discussed the people’s suspects regarding Google panda update 2012 before couple of days. We went through a webmasterworld thread where one of the members confirming the doubt of Google panda updates of 2012.

Now again there is a one more thread on WebmasterWorld asking whether Google panda update has started rolling or not?

Although the answer is probably NO. But it is expected that very soon it will start rolling and continue its panda process which is really horrible.

Look what Tedster’s saying by confirming the thread:

I expect that eventually Panda will become more dynamic. Since it’s now a third essential leg of the ranking algorithm (relevance+connectedness+quality) having it only update manually every few weeks or worse doesn’t sound like a Google-style long term solution to me.

The only areas of the algo that update slowly, as far as I can see, are things like automated taxonomy generation and n-gram identification. Those areas do not need rolling updates because they are global characteristics of the entire web and those don’t change in a fast sweeping fashion.

So what we’re seeing in some cases are reports that new pages on a Pandalyzed website can sometimes rank well, even though established pages stay demoted. I’m not sure if that means a rolling update, or just a less oppressive application of the Panda score.

Now there are multiple questions notching people’s minds like, Is panda rolling? If not than when would it roll? How much time it will take? Etc…

Till then, all you can do is just keep your fingers cross, wait for its arrival and hope for the best

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