Intel corp. & Google Inc. tied up on Android development

seo company IndiaIntel finally exposed its partnership with the giant search engine ‘Google’ on android, moves ahead in the ultrabook device group and an innovative security technology which usually defends against zero-day develops at its Intel Developer Forum.

Intel and Google publicized the statement on 13th Sept Monday at the event in San Francisco that “every prospect versions of Google’s Android mobile operating system will be optimized for Intel’s variety of Atom processors, giving the company a boost in its efforts to shift ARM as the chipmaker of choice for smartphone manufacturers”

"Over the last few years, Intel has learned a lot of things about smartphone silicon and the Intel design," Intel’s chief executive, Paul Otellini, said in his keynote speech. "Our goal here is not easy but it is very simple — we want to make Intel the platform of choice for smartphone ecosystems."

in San Francisco, Intel executives said at the company’s annual developer conference that the first Android phones featuring Google chips must be accessible in the first half of 2012,.

"We’re going to collaborate very closely to make sure Android can be optimized for the Intel architecture," Rubin said. "All future releases" of Android will be tweaked and fitted for the Intel architecture, he added.

Intel is making partnership with one of the giant and experienced players in the mobile industry. In the past month (August), Google uncovered the planning’s in order to get mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

Although Intel has proved to be a No.1 maker of PC microprocessors, but to make an identity in the new class of mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones, it has to struggle a lot.

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