Infographic – Google’s Biggest Changes In 2013.

In 2013 Google made the biggest changes to its Google search, in concern of how its process of search Algorithms matters for ranking and displaying the content? On the other hand concerned about an infographic implementation effect.

The infographic has been discovered by the folks at E2M Solution, which covers a vital range of significant updates and advancement relevant to Google Search by passing year, including concurrently stimulation of Panda over the disclosure of Google Hummingbird.


Moz recently publish a new MozCast appearance as named Google SERP Feature Graph.

This feature include two considerable facts,

google serp graph

In the first case predicts the percentage of number displayed on the chart explains how the relevant facts can be displayed in search results. Basically this information is based on Moz’s query on Google and all about its individual elements.

Whereas the second case predicts, where you can stimulate the interfaces in various terms, by filtering the facts that you would like to display on Google and by clicking on example indexed there.

SEO Ranking Factors;


ADS and Knowledge Graph;

ads and knowledge graph


Source: 1. E2M Solution

                 2. Google SERP Feature Graph

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