India’s own micro-blogging ‘Worldfloat’ leaps ahead, gains huge response


Its not Facebook  or Google Plus. It does not have big heads under it’s name. Well, breaking the ice, it is none other than India’s homegrown social networking site and the big news is Worldfloat has cultivated a huge user base in it’s own homeland and expects its user base to grow to 20 million by next month. The networking site offers a handful of unique features including money earning games to be named among a host of others which makes it excusive.

Worldfloat, launched in June last year, has been adding a lakh sign ups everyday and the current user strength is 16 million saturated in around 60 countries with India topping the user numbers list. "Since we started in June last year, we have received a tremendous response from users. So far this month 16 million have signed-in and we expect to clock 20 million by August-end", Worldfloat’s founder, Pushkar Mahatta stated. He claims that one of the reasons behind the popularity of the networking site is it’s unique game hunt, Treasure Hunt, a virtual game which allows user to make money from the micro blogging site. "We are trying to collaborate with general entertainment channels so that Treasure Hunt can be played on those channels. We want to cash-in on its popularity to attract more users.", Mahatta added.

Worldfloat reported that the firm has received offers from private firms including private equity funds from the US who are interested in inventing into the venture. The social networking site is currently valued at a staggering $250 million, as disclosed by the company sources. Although it is still growing, Worldfloat is definitely a good option for those who are fatigued by Facebook and Google+ and searching for something new and afresh.

Source: Google , WorldFloat

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