“In-Depth Articles” Search Results : A new rich snippet from Google

Amongst the tens and thousands of search experiments conducted by Google, its always amazing to see the tweaks they implement into the search algorithm to enhance the search experience for users. One such development that has fallen into the eyes of Google enthusiasts is the ability to improve the search results as well as lend visibility to the deserving content. The concept is amazing and it shares some traits with actual features in other Google products as well.

The test puts a special section called the “In depth articles” within the Organic Google web search results page in a universal fashion and it presumably highlights long form content relevant to the query made in the search bar. The icons used by Google for each publication matches the icons that is used in the latest version of android app for Gmail.

As for the new ‘In depth articles’ test, the feature seems to keep in line with the search engine giant to surface high quality search content as well as compliment the Panda algorithm update. The sole advantage of the new feature is that it can reward original reporting and analysis thus giving content provider more of a SEO reason to produce and publish long articles.

Although Google has not given an official word regarding the same but a few users has managed to get hold of a few screenshots showing the latest implementation of the new search result feature. It would be a much interesting feature to watch for from the Search engine giant in times to come.in depth articles1Source : Google

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