How to Rank In Google Shopping/Google Base/Google Product Search

If you have an e-commerce website or you are selling laptops, i phone, cosmetic or any other products then you need to rank well in Google or other search engines for organic search. And we know, getting top ten ranks in Google organic search is not everyone cup of tea, it requires lot of hard work and patience if you have a competitive keyword or key phrase.

But now we are not just bound up to organic searches as we have other options like Google shopping or Google product search. This gives you the opportunity to rank in Google product list and these results are also shown along with the organic results. Hence still we can rank with our competitors and drive huge traffic.


Factors to Rank Well in Google Product Search

1. Title and description –
Nothing special you have to do with this, write in a similar way as for generic organic results. Try to keep your main key term or search term (effective product titles) in the starting of the title and description should be appealing. Write fresh and quality data for the description.

2. Image
– Use high quality and non generic image of your product.

3. Price-
It is one of the most important factors to rank well. If your product rate is cheaper than your competitors it will help to excel in the ranking and also tempt the consumer. Either set competitive product price.

4. Data stuffing- Keyword stuffing or data stuffing is considered as a black hat SEO technique but at Google base you have the options to upload different data for different fields. So data stuffing with little intelligence could help in Google product ranking.

5. Reviews- When people start talking about your product think that your branding has started. But positive and negative reviews can make or mar your reputation respectively. So Google considers reviews both negative and positive to determine how known and reputed your product is, thus more positive reviews can boost up your visibility in Google product search.

6. Regular feeds- Big G like frequently updated feeds of your product. This helps in regular crawling of the website, and thus your page for Google product search will be updated regularly.

Quick Link to Google Merchant Center

To add your product in Google merchant center you have to first sign up there and then you have to add your product to the relevant category along with the above data.

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