How to Rank in Google Image Search Results and Drag Traffic

Traffic, its not easy to drive traffic to a website until site is ranking well in SERP’s especially in the search giant Google having maximum search market. But there are many other things that webmasters or seo’s can do to drag huge traffic from Google without struggling for top organic rankings. One of the option is promoting product images in Google image search.

Google gives a image search option in the left and at the top of the search window. With this you can find the images for your search query.
Google Image Search

If you click on image link results will be shown as:

Google Image Search
Criteria that Google uses to determine which images get displayed before other pictures

Image Name
Image Quality
Text Around the Image
Page URL and Title
Theme of the website

Image name: Suppose We are optimizing a image of “rechargeable iPod” then your name must be like rechargeable-ipod.gif avoid image name as rechargeable _953.gif as it not the exact product name.

ALT Tag: As we know search engines cant read or identify the image, they are therefore consider blind in this case. Search engines can read the alt text behind the image, so alt tag must be optimized perfectly. Either it must describing the image.

Text Around the Image: Article or content around the image should be relevant to the image as search engines check it while indexing the image.

Image Quality: Image should not be blurred and stolen from the net. Use original, non generic and high quality image. Size of the image is also an important factor to look over. Setting image size up to 255*300 pixels will be a ideal move.

Page URL and Title: Page url, page title and article title should be optimized keeping the product image in mind.

Theme of the Website: Website theme and the image must be related non related theme will not be given much importance by search engines.

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