How to Optimize Flash Websites for SEO?

HTML websites are always preferred by SEO,s over flash website as search engines are consider to read html. No doubt flash files look attractive and interactive, but as flash pages contain images, animations and graphics which make flash file heavy. And just because lack of text its not easy to rank a flash website. But still there are techniques which if applied properly can help a site rank well in organic searches.

You might have a question in your mind, Did search engines indexes web pages that use Flash.?
Yes, search engines (Google and Yahoo) crawl and indexes flash pages but still they face problem as comparison to Html page. Also in June 2008 Adobe announced that Google and Yahoo using a algorithm for indexing textual Flash. And according to Google web master central blog :
“We’ve improved our ability to index textual content in SWF files of all kinds. This includes Flash "gadgets" such as buttons or menus, self-contained Flash websites, and everything in between.”
“Also note that we do not index FLV files, such as the videos that play on YouTube, because these files contain no text elements.”


Things to do:

1. Build a duplicate HTML site that will rank and give users the choice of which to view. Don’t forget to block flash website for search bots using a robots.txt file else your site might be indexed twice.

2. Use usual title and meta tags.

3. Search Engine can read text in Flash, but cant read picture of text, so avoid use of text embedded in images.                                                               

4. Use mostly text navigation

5. Use external XML or text files as XML offers search engines a structured and semantic format for indexing site content.

6. Place some content related to flash file with in <noscript> and <object> tags.

7. URL’s: don’t forget creating unique URLs for main sections of your SWF file.

8. Last, Just carry on with your off page activities.

Flash sites can be made search engine friendly if you will be using an effective web site development and SEO approach (on page and off page).

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