How to increase website traffic?

how to increase website trafficHow to increase website traffic” this is an ultimate goal of every internet marketer and this is an only form of traffic what people don’t mind because Targeted website traffic is the key to success. If your website is not something what people are searching for, than you will be lost along with your website and get no benefit. As far as the current surveys are concerned there are hardly 2-5{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} of websites today which have been properly search engine optimized .

Before going forward to this concept let me tell you something more about website traffic, how it helps you grow your online business and why you need it?

Website traffic- what is it all about?

The overall number of calculated visitors to a website and the pages they click on is called website traffic. Confused? Let me take you bit deeper to it. Look, the process is very simple whenever any visitor visits at any site their presence on that site is logged and the links they click on are monitored.

These numbers are added up and it gives an idea to the site owner of how many visitors are visiting to the site, this one is the simple way of measuring the web traffic. The more people will visit to your site the more traffic your site will generate and make your website popular.

There are lots of companies like us (Gabblet. Inc) provide the services of monitoring and analyzing the website traffic either you can do this yourself but you will have to make lots of efforts to perform this action and it can prove to be very time consuming as it needs expertise skills.

There are multiple ways to increase website traffic some of them are paid and some are free. Here are I am going to discuss about some legitimate ways of increasing website traffic. Please read them carefully:

How to increase website traffic with SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is one of the most effective ways to get more website traffic. I am going to tell you some most valuable SEO Tips to increase traffic to website look what they are:

Broad research of keywords: Keyword is very important for you to built up the strong website and get more and more traffic mostly search engine optimization professionals are impatience and they don’t do the extensive keyword results and make hurry to implement their ideas. It often causes them a big loss of traffic and time as well. You need lots of patience and intelligent calculations for having effective SEO results. There are lots of optimal tools for an extensive keyword results such as.

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Google Insight
  • Google Suggestions etc…as per your need

A unique and well optimized content: A well optimized and well written content is very vital for you to have the good traffic to your site so always make sure to write the unique content for your website and put at list 2 or 3 important keyword start your content with one hardcore keyword and end up with the same one. Your content would be reader friendly it surely attracts visitors to it and you will get more traffic.

Web Page Optimization: Search engine crawlers are only familiar with the HTML of the web page and for this it must be optimized properly to guide the crawlers to the right areas. Mix up some keywords in the Title, Description and put more and more keywords in keyword area and make sure to put H1 to H6 alt tags must be placed on the images wherever doable.

Social Bookmarking: you must take part in social bookmarking activities. Join all the major social bookmarking sites such as linkagogo, digg, delicious etc. bookmark your article, blog, press release and share your bookmarks with your friends.

Social bookmarking sites are optimized very nicely and cached by major search engines every day. If your website content, blog, link is bookmarked daily than you can expect your website to be cached with a short span of time.

Article submission: This is an unfaultable way of getting more traffic to your site. Promote your website by submitting big amount of articles to some popular article directories such as:


If you write some attractive article and post them in given article directories it will surely help generate more traffic to your site but always make sure to write unique article and put minimum 2 to 3 keywords related to your business and give a link of your website to those keywords. Don’t be boring – be ingenious & appealing and use common keywords in your article and title so website owners can easily get it!

Forum posting: There is a bunch of forums available on net related your industry, business or the specific topic you prefer a lot. What you have to do is just type your industry, business or any topic in search engine bar and you will be taken to the forum where you can easily post your reviews some of those forums allow you to put down a link to your website in your post signature become a regular member of their community. The more post you will make the similar traffic you get.

Blog commenting: As far as expert of the industry are concerned blog commenting is greatest source of getting traffic to your site. You just have to make a discerning comment on the blog posts as in maximum blog posts you get the right to give a link of your website. It increases the clicks and helps you get more traffic but there is a one more thing you have to make sure is that be a first. Whenever any blog arrives on internet make a comment on that and for being first you can Google Reader which will alert you when new blog posts will arrive on internet. If you perform this action continually you will get more and more traffic.

Press release marketing: Basically press release marketing is about writing a press release and submitting it the different press release sites on the internet but the question is how it helps you increase web traffic? Well the reason is lots of press release sites have good authority on internet and for this reason they are considered to good source for SEO and backlink purpose.

if you distribute your press release on those sites you would manage to carry a good reputation on search engines and it will help you generate your organic traffic. The other reason is lots of visitors visit to press release sites constantly so it enables you to showcase your product or website to those latent customers.

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