How to increase traffic with social media optimization/marketing?

increase traffic with social media optimization“How to increase traffic with social media optimization” the reason why I am coming across this concept is because people are undoubtedly aware with the growing proximity & success of the social sites but still having doubt somewhere in their mind whether it is good source to increase the web traffic or not? One who thinks in this way is wrong by my end! Why? Let me explore the advantages of SMO that can incredibly increase the website traffic to prevent such misconceptions.

What is Social media optimization/marketing?

Social media marketing is about a procedure of getting traffic or consideration throughout social media sites. Social sites are alone enough to build your business Brandability. It is an addition to personal, small business, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Through social media networking you can easily promote your business socially to tons of users. It is one of the greatest sources to help a website or brand show up in the search engines.

Basically Social media is about placing a website/person/product/service on the various social media networks (Facebook, twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, google+ etc.), and social bookmarking sites (, Mixx, BackFlip, Digg) so that the search engines could see more inbound links. As social sites are king social media optimization let me explain you how you can increase your web traffic with placing your products on some greatest social sites, let’s start it with some most renowned social sites.

Increase traffic with Facebook

increase traffic with facebookUndoubtedly Facebook is the no.1 social networking site of the world. It gets millions of hits every single day. So by confirming the records it gets pretty clear that it can help our websites in increasing website traffic. Basically the two sorts of ways we can get traffic from facebook one is by paid advertisement another by social networking let’s see how?

Paid advertisements(Facebook ads): Facebook ads are the most dynamic source of generating web traffic these ads work on PPC (pay per click) basis. You pay for per click whenever your ad is clicked and converts in to traffic. In this process you don’t pay for getting website traffic but you pay for view of your ads. There appears to be numbers of techniques to increase website traffic from this stream such as:

  • Facebook Group Advertisements
  • Promotion through Fan Page
  • Direct Advertisement

Social Networking

Facebook is purely a social networking site and there is no doubt that if you have a idea of social networking than facebook can alone proves to be greatest source of getting targeted website traffic but again the condition is same you should know how to do social networking. There are lots of ways to do it smartly some of them are.

  • Build an attractive profile
  • Make an interesting fan page
  • Join facebook groups
  • Wall posts
  • Chatting/messaging

Increase traffic with twitter

increase traffic with twitterSimilarly to Facebook twitter is also one of the finest ways to increase web traffic. The quantity of the web traffic from twitter depends on how many followers you have. Twitter is very easy and yet very powerful. Twitter is a platform of micro blogging where you have restrictions on the numbers of character in a message so need to be very crisp in your tweets and use your space very cleverly. Let’s go for some more tips and tricks to get a smart and bulky traffic from twitter.

Make your twitter profile interestingly attractive

Well username and profile are the two things which means a lot to make an attractive twitter profile and these two are the most measurable factors which people tend to like but if they are boring and uninteresting than you lose your identity on twitter make your username and profile as cool as possible. Although you are not permitted to write extensive bio of yours but can freely add few words about you like your work or interests besides you can also some keywords in your bio. So take care of these things and make a perfect profile and create an attractive username.

Create a username related your field

As username is a vital component or your twitter profile so make sure to always create a username which is related to your targeted field such as if your are writer in seo than make a title like SEO content or SEO writer so that people could easily identify you as well as your work.

Place your site URL in your Bio/profile

Well this one is a secret which only SEO people are aware mostly people don’t place their site URL in their bio but by the SEO point of view it is an act of foolish. If you really want bring good traffic to your site than you must your site url in your profile.

Send your profile links your friends/coworkers/acquaintances

Your coworkers, acquaintances, friends are your most loyal audience so just send your profile links to them. Just ask for their emails and know their accounts on other networks you can send them a invite message.

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