How to Improve Google Ranking – Top 10 Tips

We all think is that Google itself is the only one who knows the Ranking Factors or secrets of, “How to  Improve your Ranking?” Which is actually a myth.

Google is totally devoted to serve its client or user with all its effort in providing them the best alternatives to get the genuine and quality methods of improving your presence on its Search Engine. So, Google hides nothing that may give it’s users the best.

Though they can’t neglect the Big Role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) behind that, but still they are most curious to feed their search engine with the best information that their users may get. And, hence what they suggest might not be the complete truth (hiding the major factors, How their business runs), but should be considered as 100{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} truth.

Let us try to get the best, What the Google Suggests to Improve your Website’s Ranking On Google’s Search Engine.

 Tip 1 

Do not Submit your websites to the spamming websites or websites who lead you to other threads by offering you to submit your website on other websites. It may actually lead you towards negative results instead.

 Tip 2 

Feeding your website with Quality and Unique Content. Google’s top most secret that it shares rarely but with more emphasis is that Content Is King. Content may include text information, images, videos, PDFs or other sources that are or may represent the information on your webpages.

 Tip 3 

Try using Keyword Rich Phrases. Instead of trying to make your website keyword rich, your emphasis should be on feeding it with meaningful phrases that must include your business related keywords you want to target. Google suggests to dedicate one keyword per page. Try adding new phrases and texts. Your efforts should be in executing these points from the view of a Reader and a Search Engine as well.

 Tip 4 

Maintaining Keyword Density will help the Search Engines to measure your genuineness. Keyword Stuffing, a Black Hat technique: Some does it knowingly and some does it by mistake. All you can do to overcome this is to maintain keyword density through whole content of your website page wise. Its better to gain slowly rather than to suffer permanently. Repeating the keyword stuffs again and again can never make a search engine fool, specially here when we are talking about the most intelligent Indexing Crawler among Search Engine’s i.e., Google’s Spider.

 Tip 5 

Descriptive URL is the most important measure that Search Engines, particularly Google prefer mostly as a Ranking Factor. Thinking from the view of a user, you yourself will choose a link that describes better and exactly what you are looking for. A descriptive pattern should be used in naming the URLs or pages of your website, related to the keywords that better describes your service, purpose or business.

 Tip 6 

For more better results, you may enrich your Title with keyword phrases that better describes your stuffs inside. Don’t try to fool search engine here also by putting unnecessarily required keywords. This also may lead your website to negative prospects from user’s and hence search engine’s point of view.

 Tip 7 

Also try Focusing, How to improve Page Rank (PR) of your website. Google has always been conscious of how many good or bad Links are coming on your website or going from your website i.e., Inbound and outbound links respectively.

 Tip 8 

Optimizing the Hyperlinks also helps for search engines to understand whether the Links provided on your webpage is beneficial for the Users or not. And, that is better decided by describing those links related to the keyword phrases you are targeting but should be related with the content of the present page.

 Tip 9 

Submitting your website to the best category under good directories also helps in improving the PR as well as Ranking of your website. Google also suggest Open Directory Project (ODP) i.e., to index your website. Try searching more similar directories, and index your website there.

 Tip 10 

Hiring a Good SEO Firm that Gives you stable results with White Hat SEO only is the Very First and Most Important Tip discussed at last to work upon. Choosing the right SEO firm for your website will calm down all your worries, “How to get good ranking on Google?”

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