How to get your website on Google

seo indiaAccording to recent reports, internet users are heavily dependent on search engine results for every kind of information. Whether it is a local service provider they are searching for or they need to shop online for a product or even if they are looking for some particular information; it is the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing which provides them any and all kinds of information. Among the search engines, Google is the most preferred and is used by more than 90% of people who use search engines. Thus, it becomes imperative for businesses to have a web presence and also get their website among the top in Google search page.


Why Optimizing the website is important?

Cut throat competition has made sure that no one can relax just by creating a website. They have to ensure that their websites are optimized in every possible way so that the Google crawlers find the pages of the websites and then feature them in the first page of search engine results. For this purpose businesses use SEO or search engine optimization methods. SEO is a technique of increasing the visibility of a web page in the search results through paid and un-paid methods. This method has become highly popular as it delivers very accurate results and helps businesses get their websites on Google search pages. SEO method can be taken up by the business itself or it can be outsourced to firms specializing in providing a mix of varied SEO services.


The SEO service provider firms have an in-house team of experts who have been especially trained in SEO techniques and some of the reputed firms have experts who have years of experience in handling successful SEO campaigns for their clients. Thus, these experts help the clients devise the most optimum SEO campaign so as to get the website of client feature on Google search’s first page. They use a combination of different SEO methods which are a perfect blend of On page SEO and Off page SEO and are customized according to the requirements of the clients. The experts analyze the client’s current website, the search behavior of the target customers, their competitor’s strategy and then devise an SEO plan which will be a mix of optimum use of keywords and contents, link building, social media and other methods.


The experts from these firms have SEO techniques on their finger tips and provide their clients with customizes solutions so that they are able to get their website on Google first page. In order to get the clients website indexed by Google, the experts from the SEO service providers pay attention to the title tag which is always the first thing which Google and page visitors looks at when determining just what the particular page is about. Hence, the experts a keyword or two in the title tag and avoid over stuffing so that the site looks natural and is able to get indexed by Google. Apart from this, there are many other techniques too which experts from SEO service providers use to help get their clients website on Google search results first page. Thus, with a proper, well built and well monitored SEO plan, businesses would be able to get their website featured by Google search pages.


Below is the process you can follow to get your website on Google:

  1. Submit and verify your website to Google Webmaster Tool here:
  2. Optimize your website for SEO. If you need any help Contact Us.
  3. Keep your website content rich, post regular blogs, articles etc
  4. Build some good backlinks via external blog posts, article submissions etc