How to get your website on Google for Free

seo indiaAccording to recent statistics, a significantly large number of people all around the world use search engines to look for various kinds of information. Whether they are looking for a particular product or service or they are searching for general information, search engines have become their know all and guide all. Hence the role of search engines is extremely important. Now the big question is, why target Google? Well, the same statistics also points out that among all the search engines, Google search engine is the most preferred by almost 90{9e4d90363301d728e593e350f1fca4618c445eae51a043106bb72ce067a31bb8} of the respondents. If such a large number of internet users use Google as their main search engine then it obviously becomes important to have a website which not only gets indexed by Google search but will also feature among the top results so that they can get the maximum amount of target customer.

free-seo-reportThe next question that arises is – how to build a website which will get indexed by Google? An SEO service provider firm is there especially for this. They help build a website for client which will attract their target customer and will not only get indexed by Google but will also feature among the top in Google free ranking page. The experts here undertake a combination of various search engine optimization (SEO) methods in order to optimize their website and help them feature in the first page of Google search results.

These experts understand that Google uses spiders to crawl the web on a regular basis to find sites which are then indexed to Google. Although it is easy to get Google free listing as well as ranking, some SEO service providers also submit the client’s website to Google Webmaster Tool so that the website is indexed for sure and that too within lesser time.

Submitting to Google Webmaster is done once the experts have finished optimization of the website through a combination of on page and off page SEO methods. The experts know that one of the best methods to get featured above the direct competitors in Google free ranking is to have an on page SEO method which is better than their competitors. They do this by using on page methods such as optimum use of target keywords in title, Meta tags, and content of all pages, categories, URLs, post titles, subheadings and file names and ALT tags of images. They also optimize not just the landing page but all the other pages of the website so that they are able to keep up the interest of the target customer in the website. Once the website is optimized they provide quality back links to the website with other relevant and popular websites. On completion of on page SEO method, experts submit the website to Google webmaster tools. Off page optimization is followed next and methods such as spreading information about the website through social media, articles, blogs, advertising and press releases, getting registered through directory submissions are taken up in order to get more traffic than the competitors and thus have better Google free ranking than them.

Some of the SEO firms in India also provide free SEO consultation and website assessment for their clients and also provide all the SEO services at most affordable rates.

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