How to get your website noticed?

How to get your website noticedHow to get your website noticed by customers looking for information on a search engine? Well that is the million dollar question for most businesses that have a web presence. It is a widely accepted act that search engine users hardly look beyond the first page of a search engine when searching for anything and thus it becomes imperative that businesses fight their way to feature among the top ten in search engine website ranking. Featuring in the top ten would ensure that the website would get the maximum traffic which would convert to sales and make profit for the business.


A very effective way to feature among the top ten is by having a well built SEO plan. Whether a business chooses to build the SEO plan on its own or outsource it to a professional SEO firm is immaterial, what matters is that the SEO plan must be able to increase the website ranking on major search engines and increase the website traffic which would convert to sales. A well built SEO plan would help businesses attract the target customer through well placed keywords and a mix of other SEO strategies. The ultimate aim of an SEO plan is to increase the visibility of the website and get the website in the top rankings of search engine results and thus increasing website traffic and generating greater revenue for the advertiser.


A well planned SEO campaign would build a website in such a way so that it is easily fetch by search engines and is user friendly, vibrant, informative and instantly becomes the first priority of the target customer. SEO campaign can include a healthy mix of different strategies based upon the requirement of the client and will include link building, content writing, local search optimization, directory submission and a lot of other techniques.


A good SEO plan would help build a website would include text content, title, Meta description tags, Meta keywords and internal links to make the site design more attractive and user friendly so that it gets searched by the search engine crawlers. The content of the page too plays an important role in getting a good ranking for the site and a fresh and catchy content will take a website long. A regularly updated website is another sure way of featuring among the top ten. Another important thing that SEO experts do is to continuously monitor how the site is used and then modify the plan.


Getting a website noticed in a search engine page would become simpler if a well built SEO plan is adopted and monitored regularly. This would result in the website becoming more visible on search engines and would increase the online footfalls by the target customers and in turn lead to sales for the business.

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