How to Fast Recrawl a Website With Bing Webmaster Tools


If you are a website owner you always concerned with the ranking factor whether on Google, yahoo, or Bing search result pages. Periodically you need to put there new or fresh content on your Website. At the same time you think if you put there fresh content that usually take few days to crawl by search engine or even longer time. On the other hand, if you add the fresh content on your business’s Website on Bing search engine and think to get effect soon, then you can make such by asking Bing to recrawl your website or to add the new information to index search. But there are few parameters on Bing Webmaster Tools, by following these facts you can be able to add your Website immediately in compression to the manual.

Right here below you can see the steps that you need to follow for the same:

Webmaster Tools

1. First of all go to the page of link resources of Bing Webmaster Tools and sign in with your existing Microsoft Account if you don’t have an Account then you can create one by signing up.


2. You need to verify that you are using the Webmaster Tools for the first time for your own Website. You will get there Add site button click on it and enter you Website URL. Bing provides three ways to verify your own Website, and each option gives you a unique code. There after you need to upload verification file on your Website, add the code as your Meta Tag in Website’s main page or you can add the code as a CNAME record in your Website DNS settings.


3. Now click on Verify, Bing will check your Website’s verification code, after successful verification you will get the listings for your Website.

4. Now you need to click on the name of your Website to open the Dashboard window.

5. Click on next to Configure My Site in the left panel of menu and then click on Submit URLS.

6. Open your Website URL in new tab on your browser in this format like

7. Finally click on the submit button, and click again to confirm the request. Bing will crawl your Website within minutes. Similarly you can submit ten URLs everyday and up to fifty in a month.

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