Guest Blogging Phobia Returns Back – Google Penalized A Large Guest Blogging Network


Matt Cutts from Google said yesterday, on Twitter that they have taken action against a “Large Guest Blog Network.” You would be in a hope the name of the particular Network, but this time Matt Cutts didn’t disclose that which blogging network has been targeted this time.

On the other hand Matt links his post to his Personal Blog and named as, the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO. You might have remember that in January Matt announced that Guest Blogging Is Dead For SEO, consequences a major uproar in SEO community. Even though many guest blogging network seemed active and continued towards their target and able to rank well.

But you can assume behalf on this new update from Matt Cutts that Google will not stop the penalty against such blogging network and they can be flag as spam and certainly they can loss their ranking as well.

At the same time think if you are doing the same thing then, just stop this kind of activity specifically for SEO purpose, if you are doing this for your individual purpose and targeting the specific audience then it’s good enough.

Here you can see Matt Cutts post on Twitter ;