Graph Search going public today, Facebook ends six months of user testing

Finally after a wait of six long  months, Facebook has announced that it will officially launch its much awaited product, Graph Search this Monday. Facebook had earlier launched the beta version of Graph Search in January for user testing only to those who had earlier requested for the same. The roll out will begin this Monday for users in the US followed by a global roll out in the next few weeks. The company stated that several hundreds of millions of users will get access to the search engine developed by Facebook.

The graGraph Search going public today, Facebook ends six months of user testingph search, described as a completely new approach to search and completely different from Web Search, is expected to touch on privacy concerns which might ignite more users but it will give its users access to older content as well as make users pay attention to privacy settings for their accounts. According to the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, “Web search is designed to take any open-ended query and give you links that might have answers. Graph Search is designed to take a precise query and give you an answer, rather than links that might provide an answer.”.

Facebook has huge plans for its new search engine as the company plans to sell demand fulfillment ads through it’s Graph Search but Facebook has been seen taking a conservative approach of earning revenue. Graph Search has been launched in it’s web application for desktop users, although news is flying around that the social media giant is also working on a Graph Search for mobile devices.  With mobile users increasing on an alarming rate, Facebook will definitely figure out ways to manage its huge user base.




Source: Tech Crunch

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