Grants for Non-profit organization from Google Adwords

A good news for non-profit making organizations and NGOs as Google is offering a hefty advertising credit to such organizations subjected that they should comply Google’s minimum requirement for specific countries. As for now, Google is offering $10,000 per month in free advertising credit.
WhileGrants for Non-profit organization from Google Adwords doing so, the organizations must meet a few pre specified agreements for receiving Google Grants. The organization must hold a valid charity status given by the country as well as possess a website promoting the organization. Importantly, the organization shouldn’t use revenue generating advertisements on the website from services like Google AdSense. Google has mentioned that it will not offer grants for government entities and organizations, hospitals, schools, academic institutions and universities.
Google has also specified a few after works to be done once the organization is awarded with grants such as linking the application to a single non-profit URL, maximum CPC bid of $2, advertising only on Google, using keyword targeted text only advertisements and daily budget not exceeding $229. Definitely NGOs will be profited by the offering from the tech giant but it should also be a wakeup call to follow Google AdWords’ best practices while availing free traffic from

Source: Google

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