Google’s planning to launch online music store

imageSupposedly Google is planning to launch an online music store. The New York Times reports that the search engine giant is going to this sector within the week but having problems in making the deals with the major records labels.

Rumors say that Google has approached to EMI, Universal, Sony and Warner but till now only EMI has got agreed to this deals f rumors aired to the newspaper’s sources
Last year, it was conjectured that the search engine company was to start on a service called ‘Google Music’ with its Android 3.0 update. Breakdown to consent terms with publishers and record labels were thought to have belated the platform’s launch.

The main record companies were unwilling to go into a deal owed to Google’s posture on piracy, which they estimated to be too compassionate. Economic factors were also the reasons behind the failure.
The cloud-based ‘Music by Google’ is currently in beta in the US. However, without record company backing, the firm is not proper to trade music throughout it.

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