Google’s new search tactic is to calculate answers, not links

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Google’s new strategy for search is to give you with answers, not just only links, the company’ s executive chairman Eric Schmidt said an interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D9 conference today.

“We can literally compute the right answer,” said Schmidt, referencing advances in artificial intelligence technology.

In its place of looking for links, he said, we’re at a point in technology where many answers to search questions can be computed, rather than simply recurring a list of links from an directory

Whereas social information serves to get bigger Google’s enormous riches of information about both the things you’re searching for and details about yourself, he says that even users without a stored browsing history and communal data made obtainable to Google be able to be sufficiently served by this approach. Location information provided by your IP address is one such signal that makes up for the nonexistence of others, said Schmidt.

Although the declaration is a quite indistinct reference to plan shifts inside the company that aren’t totally able to be seen on the outside up till now, Google’s hard work to comprise more social data in search results is positively a part of this.

Nearly all of the interview, unfinished at the time of this writing, converses things we’ve previously seen, such as Google Wallet, or has Schmidt comparing Google to their opponents — higher than all in the mobile space. But it’s this formless statement that has me wondering about the future of search and how Google will reunite this shift in approach with search in its accessible form. And, of course, what the allegations for online publishers will be.

The announcement was made in reply to Mossberg’s concerns about search result ‘pollution’ when using Google.

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