Google’s Latest Search Trick – Distance Calculator.

This is something like Google loves Animal because, you are aware of Pandas. Fly away, Hummingbirds. Waddle away, Penguins, this time Crows also added in the Google list.

Google named its newest search technique “As the Crows Flies?” game.

Few people will guess is this new update from Google, if you think like this you are wrong, as before the animal names added as an Algorithm Updates from Google, on the contrary this time it’s not relevant to SEO or any Algorithms, it’s a new search technique that helps the users to calculate the distance to Google’s OneBox feature. This is quite difference from before this will display you instant result according to your queries rather than representing the relevant links as your search result.

Google disclosed its latest and advanced search trick on Google+ its Distance Calculator. This new search technique will provide the service that will help the user to search for the distance of between two places, like you can now search as, now you have just type “how far between A & B” and Google will display you the Distance in Miles along with Map for you as well.


It will also be helping, when you need to calculate the Distance about two remote cities, like New york to Tel Aviv.

Source: Google +

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