Google’s John Mueller – Penalties Can Follow You To A New Domain Name


Your website has been penalized in past, and you think to place your site to a new domain and want to redirect the particular URLs to that new domain, but even the penalty will follow the URLs like a ghost who can catch you in dark night. You might have aware; it is just because of the redirects. This is the fact and you have to be careful about that.

Could you imagine before that you placed your site to a new domain but it didn’t redirect the old one domain to the new one domain? But wake up know Google may follow the penalty to your new domain whether redirecting or not redirecting the URLs.

At the same time, if your site is copy of the old one site although you left the old link and moved to other link in order to new domain, in this case other Google penalty might fire your site. Yesterday Google’s John Mueller, spoke in his video, its possible penalty may follow to your new domain even without redirects.

At the same time he also added that if you have had a site with penalty in past and now you place that particular site to the new domain name, even without using the migration tool or setting up redirects there, Google can track out that your particular site move or place along with the penalty.

Hence, you can well conclude that, the perfect solution is not to simply place your old site to the new one domain, Google can track your site has placed automatically and thus penalty make sure follow the new domain too.

 Below you can see the official video published by John Mueller:

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