Google’s fight against piracy, filters out Grooveshark from its Search


Google has been pioneering in technology to flush out piracy content from its instant and autocomplete search functionality for quite sometime and this time the search engine giant has added Grooveshark, the leading online music streaming service, to its black out list. Grooveshark, offering 15 million+ songs for free across the globe, will no longer automatically appear in Google Search when user searches for it in the search bar.

Although Grooveshark has been trying to run its business among the massive anti-piracy laws by offering promotion options as well as analytics tool to the music industry, but lawmakers has pointed out that it doesn’t completely follow the guidelines set out by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Although Grooveshark has signed agreements with artists and studios for broadcasting rights, the company seems to run into trouble. Although, the actual reason behind removing the online music broadcasting company from its search boundary is yet unknown, but it seems Google had to comply to the request from Universal Music Group against Grooveshark. A Google Spokesman stated “We are removing terms from Autocomplete where we find that those terms are closely associated with infringing results.

The latest development might be a good news for those fighting against piracy, but Grooveshark will continue with its broadcasting services, as stated by the company.


Source: Google News

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