Google’s dream to obtain dot less domain grim, ICANN disagrees

Google’s interest to obtain a short tiny URL has almost come to a dead end as the international body, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has expressed concern over employing dotless domain and has in fact stated that such domain could be harmful to internet. Google had lately sent a letter to ICANN for approving its plan to expand its application for ”.search” to run that generic top-level domain as a dotless domain.

google-s-dream-to-obtain-dot-less-domain-grim-icann-disagreesInternet Engineering Task Force (IETF), another governance body looking into developments and promotions for internet standards, has issued an advisory after Google’s interest went public saying that application protocols might have problem processing such requests as dotless domain. Earlier, Google said in it’s letter that “Google intends to operate a redirect service on the ‘dotless’ .search domain (http://search/) that, combined with a simple technical standard will allow a consistent query interface across firms that provide search functionality, and will enable users to easily conduct searches with firms that provide the search functionality that they designate as their preference.”

In the existing standard system setup, recommended by the IETF, such dotless domain names can only be used by enterprises inside its local network for internal purposes in intranet zone. ICANN has also expressed security concern over dotless domains in internet. As for now, it is a bad news to the tech giant who had formulated the idea for seamless user experience.


Source: Google

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