Google’s Approach to Refreshes its Search for the Future.


Google’s perception, Moto X was the world’s first artificially intelligent phone for the future of mobile technology. It has enabled enduring listening mechanism it to deliver the directions or give weather forecasts in response to voices commands. At the end Google called, experience with sale of Motorola at $2.9bn (£1.8bn) to rising Chinese star Lenovo on 29th January 2014. And set free to its Engineers to target on other Revolutionary Technologies.

Its recent acquisitions, from Boston Dynamics (robot maker) to a London company that main purpose to make computers think like humans, consider the fact here; how its aspiration stretches beyond the Smartphone.

At the same time, the inventor of Google’s Android Operating System, Andy Rubin, is now working on a Robotics division, and has purchased a string of Companies which has expertise in Mechanical Technologies like arms and legs. Schaft, is one of them a Japanese Company, whose Robots can climb on the ladders, at the same time can use power tools and walk on Unbalanced Ground.

There are so many of financial firepower left the enormous DeepMind deals, instead of Motorola being Google’s most expensive acquisition after Nest Labs Deals. Recent reports say this deals stood at $57bn in cash and investments do far.

Google appears to be unraveling this Bet initially," On behalf of RBC Capital Markets, Mark Mahaney says,

The fact is that Google must remain the same its patent protection for Android and is deprive itself of a sub-par asset that was not relevant towards the core competencies. We also consider Google’s willingness and ability to take on the M&A risk for its decision.

Investors likely to be seemed agree with the Google’s shares rose while news of the disposal broke. They appreciate the Google’s owning thousands of Motorola patents rather than a loss-making phones business.

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