Google’s all set to spruce up its sweet “I am feeling lucky” Button.

seo IndiaIt seems that Google to be trying one another spruce up of its search engine, integrating a latest modish color scheme but also stirring website links to a new location, below the title. The new design stays very near to Google’s recent design but currently sports a multicolored search button and Voice Search icons in the search box as well.

The search giant has alleged that Voice Search “will take several days for Voice Search to be available to everyone” so that the new design could escort the steady roll out of the new speech characteristic. Google has a gazillion tests going on at any one time, several of which not at all turn into eternal, persistent changes, so it’s a crumb early to grieve the loss of I’m Feeling Lucky.

We’re not certain when we last used it–or used it at all, apart from as a research quite than an attribute we liked and required. Still, we would miss it. May be that’s for the reason that it’s a souvenir that Google wasn’t always the Web’s leading company–there used to be a time when it was an up-and-coming search engine made-up by a couple of Stanford students. The order has distorted, interchange the URL and description sections of search results to put the URL straight below the live link. This makes sense, as it goes along with the perception that people infrequently read descriptions.

we could easily perceive that Google has done away with the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button which absolutely isn’t one of the most extensively used features of the site, but certainly has always felt like a Google fastener. There is a swap way to access I’m Feeling Lucky from the search results page, even if you kept Google Instant on. Just look in the search results text box, float over a result, and an I’m Feeling Lucky link will show up with the same functionality as the classic homepage version.

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