Google+1 button plays hide & seek in search results

A thread posted on webmasterworld exposes that Google has uninvolved the +1 button from its search results page although it hasn’t deleted permanently but it shows up only when a user hover the mouse over a particular search result.

Until that time, +1 button was visible next to each and every search result, tempting users to draw attention to the links that they found appealing or helpful. Now +1 button is visible only when you hover the mouse over any particular results.

It could be a Google’s effort to guarantee a cleaner results page, and this always been a primary objective of Google, but it also means that this action is making +1 button less visible and most probably, less clicked.

Here I show you the snapshots of +1 button with mouse over and with mouse out, lets have a look on it.

+1 button is not visible On Mouse 0ut:


+1 button is Visible On Mouse Over:


This new creativity of google will surely make the things more cleaner for searcher and prove to be very useful as well.

What do you say?

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