Google Zeitgeist 2011: What Most Searched on Google?

The year 2011 is almost at the ending stage and for this Google has unconfined its annual Zeitgeist report, which is revealing the most popular search terms of 2011. The Zeitgeist report is integrating a list of top 10 fastest-rising searches.


most searched on google 2011


Google exposed its 11th annual Zeitgeist on Thursday now it is accessible for all the users. If you will open up Google in your browser you will see “What did the world search for this year? Find out with Google Zeitgeist with a link taking you to Google Zeitgeist page.


most searched on google 2011


Google has improved the visualizations to make it straightforward to evaluate terms crossways the categories and furthermore Google has also twisted a Video overview of the popular search terms that mesmerized the world this year.



So this is all what annual Zeitgeist reported. I hope you enjoyed the overview of the search terms that people from all over the countries searching for in 2011. It was really very pleasing for me to write on such great affair and I really enjoyed myself.

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