Google will alter AMP display to make it easier to find & share publishers’ URLs

Google will soon make it easy to find and share publishers URLs for those who are viewing AMP content in Google search results and don’t understand why a publisher’s URL isn’t showing.

At present, AMP(accelerated mobile pages) content are loaded in a different way by Google than other content. When someone clicks on a regular content, it usually takes them away from Google and to publishers’ sites while clicking on AMP content keeps people at Google.

As a solution, Google said that it plans to alter the header that appears above AMP content. At present, this header shows the domain name of a publisher’s site, as illustrated below.


The present domain that’s shown isn’t clickable and is for the site in general, not for the actual AMP content. The aim is to change the header so that user can more effortlessly see and copy the actual URL of a publisher’s story.