Google Webmaster tools verification using 4 methods

Google is very much possessive regarding its privacy and it is very essential to it. For this reason Google require knowing you own a site before it’ll show you certain information about it or allow you to use its tools

Why you need to verify your site?

Verifying site is necessary because it allows you the following

  • Set preferred domain i.e. With www or without www versions of the website.
  • You can set Google’s crawl rate according to the way you want.
  • See Google data for your website
  • You can set geographic region for your site i.e. the region where you targeting your website
  • Add and manage number of sites from Google webmaster tool.
  • You can also choose whether you want sitelinks to be shown in SERPs or not.

What are the 4 methods Google requires for the verification?

There are 4 methods to verify your site or to make certain that you own a site and they are:

1.HTML file

2.Meta tag

3.Google Analytics code

4.DNS TXT record

Webmaster Tools Verification Method

Google Webmaster Tools Verification Method

Webmaster Tools check to make certain that the particular tag, file, record, or code is present. If it is, it identifies you as a site owner & start showing you the site details.