Google Webmaster tools gets new download options

It was Thursday, when some individual at WebmasterWorld observed some visual improvements to the download buttons within Google Webmaster Tools.

The earlier download buttons are now moved at the top and the result sets have been cleaned up as well.

Google webmaster tools

Confirming the new changes Vanessa Fox at Search Engine Land, saying:

“The new download options that significantly add to the usefulness of the data. Below, why these new CSV files are so important”.

These are the changes, have been made:

  • Search query data’s now with filtering options to drill into detailed data or date ranges.
  • Ability to view up to 500 rows at once easily

Vanessa says: “the detailed chart data available for download provides a significant improvement as it brings a much more accurate understanding of what the data actually is. Watch for my more detailed post on the search query data shortly”.

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