Google Voice Search – Google Is Up To Bring a New Web Feature

Allegedly Google is trying a new ‘voice search’ service with Google search engine for those who work on desktop, laptops, ipod, iphones. But Google Voice Search feature has been made available by the Google search engine to a few users. In this service Screenshots of the characteristic appears a search bar generous a tiny microphone icon which commands the client to speak comes written. All the skillful consider and believe these innovatory fresh concepts, Google is going to bring, a new set of scope into the field of technology. The user can achieve this (magical task) by clicking on an icon, after that you will have to speak into the cSEO Indiaomputer’s microphone. Then the recorded audio will proceed to its tongue servers, where it transcribes and after that returns it back to the user after converting it in to the structure of text.

Upcoming changes by the Google voice search:
Google Voice account will demonstrate beneficial, because one number will connect callers to all of them. Instead of numerous dissimilar numbers on particular phone line. Either it will offer the alternative for changing the settings so the phones will ring in sequence. It would be customizable so that definite people are assigned an exacting number. One more innovative alternative is personalized greetings that would provide users the option which can convert their answering machine according to every human being caller. When the matter comes of connecting with a number of business partners on a meeting call, single aspect enables people to connect without facing any bother. Users are allowed to go into their e-mail, can obtain the text messages and reply to them by the Internet for free, voicemail sharing is also an extra advantageousSEO Company India feature; one massage which has been forwarded to someone can be forwarded to another by e-mail. It seems to be proved a awesome because sometime if you don’t carry a phone service but you have internet in this type of situation you can stay connected to your closers.

Weakness of Google voice search
While trying the Google voice search service or Google voice app especially things like calling and sending text to someone what you will find or notice that app will works properly but only for few contacts but not for all. While using the voice commands it selects the wrong command to the text that has been set as the default number and it automatically puts the phone no. as an alternative of the text no. the common problem of voice search is people have no idea of using keywords effectively in every day speech. While talking naturally People don’t prepare faultless sentences still computers are currently expecting it we don’t know about the Google voice search.

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