Google updates its terms and conditions, makes users endorse products


In yet another service agreement update brought up by tech giant,Google, for its users, the company has introduced ways to show endorsements to be sighted by users in its search engine results page. Starting from November, all services from Google will start showing potential reviews of products submitted by users around the world in its social portals, Google plus or any other forms of review sharing portals.

Although Google has clearly sorted out the new agreement by providing users with option for the new service which could be accessed by a tick in settings while those who have already expressed a desire not to see their +1s appear in advertising will continue to have their preference upheld. Although users under 18 are still not considered for the new change, in a brief overview, Google has expressed that “We want to give you, and your friends and connections, the most useful information. Recommendations from people that you know can really help.” The new changes are quite synonymous to many sponsored advertisements shown in social media such as in Facebook which gets a major chunk of its revenue from advertisements. Although Google has clearly sought out that the new changes might be very helpful for its advertisers, it is yet to be found out about the return of investment.

Although Google hopes that its newly introduced scheme for product endorsements will bring fortune to the company, it will be interesting to see how users around the world react to the new development.

Source: Google News

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