Google unveils real-time search results including news stories, Twitter tweets, blog entries etc

Google has now started to add real-time results to its search engine, giving end-users the option of seeing relevant links that have just been added to its index along with the 10 blue static links.

Google on Monday launched its first ever real-time search results, serving up a page where breaking news stories, Twitter feeds, blog entries and other content automatically refreshes in an attempt to capture the world’s ongoing online conversation.


Try searching for any Hot Topic going over on Twitter like: Tiger Woods, You will see Tweets in Search results, with a Pause link.




There is a scroll bar as well, in case you have missed some earlier tweets.


You can see Google Official Video on Real Time search integration:


google real time search



“Google’s real-time search is Google’s relevance technology meeting the real-time Web”, said Amit Singhal, Google fellow, at a press event the company held in San Francisco that was also webcast.

“Relevance is the foundation of this product. It’s relevance, relevance, relevance. There’s so much information being generated out there, that getting to you relevant information is the key to success of a product like this. That’s where we as Google come in, because for 11 years that’s what we have done,” he added.

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