Google to update it’s search algorithm, plans a summer surprise

Google has revealed that it will tweak its search algorithm yet again and this will be effective this summer. The search engine giant has assured that the updates wouldn’t impact search results unlike its Panda and Penguin updates, which brought the entire SEO industry into turmoil with websites falling sharply in rankings in the search engine results page. According to the report revealing the news, Google has described the upcoming update as a little deeper than its Penguin update on the accuracy of backlinks.

google-to-update-it-s-search-algorithm-plans-a-summer-surpriseAccording to SEO experts, Google is targeting websites with purchased backlinks through its latest algorithm update  and it might also nullify the effect of all black hat SEO practices. A lot many websites with low quality content has been surviving on backlinks which they usually purchase from paid links schemes and blog networks. Although Google tried to kill such websites through it’s strong Penguin update, many managed to pass through the radar. Google has been encouraging White hat SEO practices and urging webmasters to use high quality content while building links organically.

Although Google has not mentioned the dates for its algorithm tweak, it is high time for websites to implement good SEO techniques else they will be deindexed which might lead in loss of ranking in the search engine results page.

Source: Google

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